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Get Your Full-Page Profile Published On All 4 Major Media Networks
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Our team of professionals will write a full-page profile of you and your business, and publish it – along with an embedded video testimonial – on all 4 of the major media network websites within 30 business days… 100% GUARANTEED!

And we don’t stop there. We will also distribute your profile to thousands of publications and media outlets. As a result, our clients’ profiles regularly get featured on dozens of additional top news sites.

Once cited, you can use the media logos (from the networks that published your citation) on your website, your profile photos, your business cards, and all of your marketing materials. Plus, you can add links on your website so your visitors can easily click to see your write-up in the media with their own eyes.

There Is Nothing More Powerful Than The Media
To Set You Apart From Your Competition

When you get cited on all four major media networks, you’ll stand head and shoulders above your competition as the authority in your field of expertise.

For example, take a look at the results of a search we performed on LinkedIn.com for a “business consultant”…


And, it’s not just about setting yourself apart from the competition. It’s also about generating trust and credibility with consumers.

Media Citations Create An “Instant Trust Factor”
With Your Target Market

The media establishes an instant trust – in you and your company – with consumers.

We like to refer to this as “Authority Marketing” because you are employing the authority and implied endorsement of the media to generate an instant trust factor with the public … and then using that trust to market your products and services.

Authority Marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing in existence today.

Whether You’re A Company Or An Entrepreneur
You Need To Become A Quoted Authority

Why is it so important for you to become a quoted authority?

Think about this for just a moment…

Sally Shopper is looking online for the type of product or service you offer. When she finds you, she’ll also find your competition. When she does, who do you think she will choose…

The one who is “claiming” to be an authority – OR – the one who is “recommended” by the major media?

When you become a quoted authority in the media, the choice is clear… prospects will choose YOU.

Authority Marketing Works!
(Here Are A Few Testimonials To Back Up This Claim)

We understand that we’re asking you to make an investment in your business, so we need to show you that you can trust us to do what we promise.

Here are just a handful of testimonials from professionals like yourself who have used authority marketing to generate leads, increase sales, and catapult their careers…

Successful Entreprenuer and Business Consultant, Jaime Ojeda,
tells us what authority marketing did for his business:


Rebecca Noel, an Author, shares how authority marketing boosted her sales:


Here’s what Greig Wells – Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur – says
about what authority marketing did for his career:


And this is what David Menefee, Organizational Effectiveness
Consultant and CEO of Star Consulting, experienced
his first 30 days with Publicity Star:


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You’ll Also Receive 4 Very Valuable Bonus Gifts

We want to make sure you are positioned to use your new found authority to maximum advantage, so – in addition to getting you cited on all four major media network websites and providing you with a detailed report containing live links to all your published citations – you’ll also receive the following valuable bonuses:

BONUS #1: Media Logos Added To Your Photo

One of the most effective ways to use the media logos to generate credibility is to add them to an image of yourself, your office or your business location. We will do this for you!

You simply supply us with a high-resolution image of your choice, and we will do all the photoshop work for you… providing you with a professional-quality image with all 4 media logos added. You can then use this image on your business cards, your letterhead, and on all your marketing materials.

BONUS #2: Media Logo Label Templates

We realize that reprinting business cards, letterhead, and marketing materials can be very costly. That is why we will provide you with templates for transparent peel-and-stick media logo labels you can print as needed. Simply affix these labels to your existing materials to instantly update them with the media logos… without any additional expense on your part!

BONUS #3: Authority Marketing Checklist

There are so many ways you can use your new found authority… and we want to make sure you are able to take advantage of them all. That is why we will provide you with a checklist that gives you a virtual blueprint for the many ways you can use your citations to (a) increase your sales, and (b) maximize your conversions.

BONUS #4: Recognition As An Expert In Your Industry

To provide you with even more credibility, your image with the media logos – along with a brief mention about you or your company, and a live link to your website – will be added to the “Find An Expert” section of www.TopRecommendedExpert.com.

We Will Get YOU Cited On All 4 Major Media Network Websites
Within The Next 30 Business Days… And Make YOU A Bonafide Publicity Star

We’re very good at what we do, and we stand behind our promises.

In fact, we’re so sure of ourselves, we’re going to make our services available to you… 100% Risk Free!


NOTE: The 30-day guarantee begins when you submit your completed
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